[VLOG] RM | 9일간의 유럽 여행기 #미술관투어 #친구랑룰루랄라

[VLOG] RM | 9일간의 유럽 여행기

촬영: RM, 친구 문, 친구 배

자막: RM

특별출연: 비둘기


RM - everythingoes (with NELL)

RM - forever rain

RM - Seoul 

#미술관투어 #친구랑룰루랄라 #RM

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  3. Vittoria 2021.02.15 16:49 address edit & del reply

    OMG!!! Sei davvero venuto in Italia wow wow wow... Spero ci viniate a fare un concerto, quando ovviamente si potrà dato sto covid... Rap Monster sei un Figo!

  4. Cece 2021.02.19 05:56 address edit & del reply

    Wow sei stato in Italia, RM! Spero tu abbia creato bei ricordi qui in Italia e che tu voglia tornare appena sarà possibile!... Magari per un concerto! 💜

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  9. Mochi 2021.06.08 19:57 address edit & del reply

    How are you Namjoon😁💜 i love you 💜 please come to Egypt please please please!🥺🥺🥺🥺💜I want to see you all🥺💜

  10. Rapmonster Ira 2021.06.23 00:18 address edit & del reply

    Sometimes I forget Namjoon is Korean lol 😂 he is so fluent in English and looks like American so frst time I saw him I thought he was an American Korean anyway sarangae Namjoon oppa

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  13. Almita Almishcle 2021.09.10 09:45 address edit & del reply

    💜💜💯💫🇲🇽 te amo tanto mi niño. Solo quiero protejerte de todo mal.

  14. Dina 2021.09.11 16:20 address edit & del reply

    من عاشقتم نامجونا❤💋😍

  15. Dina 2021.09.11 16:21 address edit & del reply

    Im dina im Iranian and i love you ❤💋

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  19. Cruz💫💖 2021.10.24 08:31 address edit & del reply

    Hello Namjoon, I do not know if you read it, it could be that you did, it fills my soul to see what is in this your blog, that you have taken time for yourself, and you enjoyed traveling and knowing places, observe yourself, walk on a bicycle, Seeing Each landscape, each Picasso work, those unique paintings, it is gratifying for me to see you while you enjoy your food, and how you smile, which for me is the best of the best to see your dimples. Those that I love, because it is a sign that you are very happy, I really enjoy your trip, with you and just watching your video. Thank you for sharing, I am from Mexico, my name is Cruz, I know it is a great dream, because due to the pandemic they will not come to Mexico and I would not go to your concert either since I live, in a Caribbean city, so fine, there is no money hee hee hee, but thanks to the videos I was happy as much or more than you, you are a very handsome man, very unique, unique, if you were my friend to talk to, messages, I'll be here, I know it sounds daring, but if not I do, well I will try, you will not listen to me, I have kakao my code is, cruz7981, my email Avilachid@gmail.com.
    I also have angouts. Take care of yourself feludades for your concerts, your rap is fascinating, versatile, hard but direct, your voice, your phrases, rhymes, music, lyrics, I love it, I love it, I love it.

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  21. 😇😙😍😙😍😍 2022.01.23 07:45 address edit & del reply

    you can get some good points for me though? And I'm a game that you can get in a ton. It's like I am a fan Prime account. I don't see the point where it and you don't have to play a game you would want you for the y or😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 amp and a fan. Edit. The first thing that you have ever had in mind. Edit on the fact you for this comment to me? Edit! I am so sleepy and the only way to go with it is that the people are trying hard. Edit for example used in my mind and a little.