[VLOG] 지민 | 파리 찍고 하와이 ㄱㄱ #JIMIN #셀촬셀편 #동에번쩍서에번쩍

VLOG] 지민 | 파리 찍고 하와이 ㄱㄱ 

촬영: 지민, 친구1

편집: 지민

특별출연: 하성운 님

*BGM: Jeremy Zucker - comethru

#JIMIN #셀촬셀편 #동에번쩍서에번쩍 #지민

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  2. Jimin Love❤️ 2020.06.13 00:26 address edit & del reply


  3. driada1006 2020.06.17 16:35 신고 address edit & del reply

    Как же я люблю тебя, мой славный мальчик)) Пожалуйста будь здоров и счастлив! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Kay 2020.06.23 21:48 address edit & del reply

    Hi, twin 😉 i don't know if you'll read this but i was self obsessed with searching someone who shares the same b'day and i found you. Tbh, i wasn't an A.R.M.Y. but thanks to you, I'm in love with you guys ❤
    -love from Nepal

  5. Susmi 2020.06.25 04:52 address edit & del reply

    Hy Jimin 2nd time i say you

    Love you☺☺☺

  6. ฝภักญวกดื้พนหบกะก 2020.06.28 19:42 address edit & del reply

    Kim nan Joon. Kim seok Jin. Min yoon Ki.
    Jung Ho Sork. Park Jimin. Kim Tae Hyung.
    Jone Jung kook. BTS❤❤❤💜💜💜

  7. luciawww.com 2020.06.30 20:00 address edit & del reply

    Olá BTS✌

  8. Kim haeza yung 2020.07.12 09:49 address edit & del reply

    مرحبا جيمين كيف حالك

  9. BTS❤ 2020.07.13 20:56 address edit & del reply

    Armyyyyy bts❤

  10. Akisha Julia Saberon 2020.07.13 23:18 address edit & del reply

    Dear Jimin,

    I love you to the moon and back. NO, words CAN'T describe how much I love you.
    I like you as a MAN, not an idol. I love every single thing about you.

    Your mesmerizing eyes and intimidating stares. The way your eyes disappear whenever you smile.I love that breathtaking smile of yours. If I ever get the chance to be close to you, I will do every silly things even if I embarrass myself in front of everyone, just to see that beautiful smile of yours.

    I love your little giggles and the way your head throws back on its own whenever you laugh. The way you get flustered whenever you get compliments from others.

    The dimple on the corner of the smile that you wear. Your crooked teeth, your plump kissable lips. Your cute little nose and the way you rub it. Your habit of pulling your hair back for no apparent reason and the way you lick your lips.

    I love those moles on the front and back of your neck, forehead, cheek, pinky and foot. I don't know where else your other moles are placed if there are still any but I love them all.

    I love how silly you get sometimes. You always manage to make me smile even with the little things you do.

    I love how passionate and hardworking you are with everything you do. I love how manly, genuine, kind, caring, and loving you are to other people. I love how you bond with your members, especially with your family. I really love your personality.

    I am breathless whenever I see you dance with those face expressions you give and everytime you sing your heart out. I appreciate every effort of yours for giving your best in every performances along with your members, even though I only see you through screen.

    Yes, I haven't seen you YET in person. But I will try my very best to see you perform live. I want to cheer you and scream my lungs out, I don't care if I get a sore throat afterwards. Because I know that is the only way how I can show or express my love and support for you and the others.

    I really admire you for a long time now, Jimin. I always include you guys and your families in my prayers. I always pray for your safety and happiness.

    Stay safe and hydrated, always eat healthy foods. Continue doing what you love and forget about your haters because WE got your backs. We are here to protect and love you.

    Jimin, I will support you in everything you do and respect every decisions you make. I will love you 'til my very last breath. Once again, I LOVE YOU! ❤


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  12. Coelinhakookie👯 2020.07.16 07:32 address edit & del reply


  13. Coelinhakookie👯 2020.07.16 07:34 address edit & del reply

    BRASIL aquiiii😶🙆

  14. 김아미 2020.07.16 22:19 address edit & del reply

    내가 그 친구분이였다면..을마나행복했을까...ㅜㅜ

  15. 두방 2020.07.18 22:08 address edit & del reply


  16. 탄이들사랑해 2020.07.25 01:30 address edit & del reply

    울 이쁜 지민이~~~ 얼른 다시 그 이쁜 미소 보고싶다~^^

  17. 나는야망개 2020.07.28 04:59 address edit & del reply

    지민아 어떻게 매순간 사랑스럽지않을수가있어😭😭

  18. 알레한드라 2020.07.29 20:58 address edit & del reply

    나의 지민이 고마워요 💕.
    나는 아르헨티나 사람이 입니다 그리고 한국어 공부를해요.
    나 너는 보고싶어요 💕

  19. عمري جيمين 2020.07.30 19:41 address edit & del reply

    عمري جيمين نفسي اشوف أو اخدك بسكن معك

  20. 알 미 2020.08.01 20:15 address edit & del reply

    지 민 오 빠 사 랑 해❤

  21. Kiran 2020.08.05 01:23 address edit & del reply

    Jimin can I simply say that I love you. 사랑해요 지민 ㅅ시. And I really mean it. Whenever I see your videos I feel like I'm looking inside me, there are so many similarities between us (except beauty, I can never match your beauty 🤗) it's not like I love you cause you look good, there are so many who does. But the thing is you as a person. You are kind, helping, soft hearted, you cry very easily, you laugh very easily, you find happiness in small things, you are talented, hardworking, you have that soothing voice, your dancing, everything. I've learnt so many things from you, even I don't know the extent of inspiration you gave me. I always try not to bias any member but you and hobi always force me. I always say that BTS are my gene key and I really adore you Jimin. And I really love you even more than I love myself. I hope you read this massage and feel comforted and do not consider me as a stupid fan. I adore you and I wanted to tell you that I'll always adore you. Also I feel sad for myself that I can't do anything for you, coz I want to do so many things for you, for BTS, I don't want you guys to go through hard times but I can't do anything.